Sunday, 7 October 2007

OpenMoko came a long way since my last post. But still, a current ångström 2008.1 openmoko-devel-image (+zImage) has quite some issues on the magician (and other QVGA devices). First impressions:
  • some panel icons (bt, usb) are still too big for qvga, others (gsm, battery) look washed out due to rescaling
  • keypad control doesn't work properly in many places, there is no support for shortcut buttons yet (except for the power button and the camera button, which is used as AUX on neo)
  • openmoko-dialer spews empty notification messages if there is no SIM inserted.
  • the media player does not start
  • bluetooth control doesn't work
  • and probably many more
And I could verify that the pxa27x mmc controller supports SDHC :-)