Friday, 9 March 2007

around the world in two days

Today I received my neo1973!

just arrived

First impressions:
  • The display is awesome.
  • The bezel is a bit thick, making it hard to hit the touchscreen near the edges.
  • Although the rounded edges seem to waste a lot of space, they make the neo comfortable to hold.
  • It is slightly bigger in every dimension than the Magician and doesn't feel as solid due to the plastic/rubber case.
  • I like the buzz when turning on the device.
  • There is some pressure on the back of the LCD. I can see some discolouration in the middle of the screen when pressing against it with the stylus.
  • The case design is nice. It's really as easy to open as I came to expect from the wiki. The fact that I broke my guitar pick is only due to my own inaptitude.
  • Did I mention the awesome display?


Anonymous said...

Nice, how did you get one? Is that the dev-pre-release version?

pH5 said...

Yes, it is the GTA01Bv3. This device is part of the OpenMoko Phase 0.