Friday, 11 January 2008


It arrived. And it is everything I expected it to be. Sure, the upper row of keys is far too close to the bottom of the screen. A first test showed GPS reception1 to be a joke. The window list and cancel keys to the left of the display may look nice, but they feel like somebody just cut them into the screen bezel as an afterthought, scraping metal against metal when I press them.
But the display is very nice, the overall size is great and I like metal casings. A worthy successor to the iPAQ hx4700 in every regard. Thanks again to Nokia and especially to the Maemo team!
Besides, it is my first gadget with an integrated keyboard at all (and the second one running Linux from the start, after the OpenMoko neo1973).

First programs installed: openssh and avahi-daemon
First programs missed: pulseaudio and freeciv. But there is hope.

1) at least for the initial locking

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